Maintenance is a neccessary evil

So since the last update heres what I’ve been up to, or should I say am currently doing this week. 

I pulled the motor so that I could install my resurfaced Toda flywheel and new oem exedy replacement (Until I can decide on a more suitable clutch kicking, long lasting clutch). Of course front and rear main seals, and new oem flywheel bolts with threadlocker are must.

While I was at it I’ve had a few parts saved up since the engine will be out. Including a Mr2 rack with an mk3 intermediate shaft for the angular feels paired with new power inners and outers an oem power knuckles it should give me a little more freedom. I also picked up xcessive manufacturing bushings since it had to be done and they provide both vs T3 only providing the required side. 

My plan for this week is to clean up the rack, strip & paint the crossmember tomorrow morning (Wednesday).  By the afternoon at 2, take off the timing belt and crank pulley, replace the front and rear main seals, and throw on the toda and exedy setup then go to work. Thursday Morning or afternoon I’ll throw the crossmember and rack back in then go to work. Friday my buddy Timmy should be by to assist me to drop the motor back in, pray that I have no leaks, then bam Saturday ToyotaFest!!!! I’ll just break the clutch in on the way there if all goes as planned, but do they ever really lol? 


Updates? Hopefully soon, still pacing myself, even at a fast pace I feel slower then most. But it isn’t good to compare yourself to others, as often as we all do that. I’ve learned that to be a good father, spouse, great man overall you need balance. But I will work harder.

Just trying to make the Trek

So it’s been awhile and I’ve been trying to put together a worthy post in a sense the way that Damon (camryonbronze) does. His posts always had like a shit ton of content in one writeup, and I think its more appealing vs multiple small posts. 

Basically my list goes as follows:

1. Paint Valve covers

2. Paint water pump pulley and crank pulley and cam gears

3. Install tensioner & Timing belt (more on that later)

4. Install cam & front main crank seal and all valve cover gaskets

5. Strip and paint advans

6. Polish A3A/Starshark combo

7. Get tires for A3A/Starshark combo

8. Install Jubiride panhard bar

9. Purchase wheel spacers
10. Extend and relocate harness to run exposed cam gears.

Problem 1 all Started when I was coming home a few weeks ago, and my timing belt snapped mid turn in 2nd gear and I caught it slammed the car into to neutral jumped out and kept the momentum going enough to push it about 100ft into the Brunswick parking lot. I called AAA and got a tow home probably about 500ft from my house which in hindsight I could’ve pushed it home but after 12 hours at work i was lazy as fuck.

Yesterday I stripped these valve covers and painted them with VHT wrinkle black which didnt come out as wrinkly as I imagined, I still have to file the letters down but I think it’ll work out.

I painted the camgears and pulleys the same color I had laying around which is a VHT high temp silver with some sparkly shit in it that dulls out after a matte clear goes on top. My mentality was intensive prep and basic paint that would make the engine bay a little more presentable. Along with running exposed cam gears and in the future relocating the battery it should be a little easier to look at.

I had a buddy glass bead blast my advans because when I got them from Kei @YenPitimports they had a really bad black on them and they were chipped and had 1 hair line crack in each wheel which Jason had outsourced to be welded up for me. Which is why Kei hooked it up for me. But anyway my buddy Sinoeun, his gun died after the first wheel so only the pulleys and one advan ended up being blasted, I ended up aircraft stripping the second one which I think came out really good aswell. I scuffed em some more then masked and laid some duplicolor which came out to a super nice red, but it looked too new for the starsharks which I didnt mind. Until I masked off the faces 2 days later after assuming the paint had cured which left hard tape lines in the paint. I wet sanded those to a duller red which matches the period (or age of the wheel) quite well in my eyes atleast maybe I’m just making excuses so I dont have to fuck with them anymore lol. Either way I’m satisfied and my hands hurt after sand and polishing them shits by hand. I decided to run westlake rp18’s 185/60/14 which I found some other 86 and NA miatas running in hopes that they wouldnt delaminate when put to work later. I also remember Adam from C’s garage running the brand but I figured, try out a few different tires for rears, and direzzas in front or s-drives in the end because 185/55 is really the only size I can get lol slim pickins for 14’s huh.

This Jubiride adjustable panhard bar came in after about 5 days from RHDJapan. Which is beautiful, wish it wouldve came with stickers but whatever, it came with TRD bushings so I’ll be pretty happy with the results.
The Timing belt is aftermarket, the Tensioner is OEM Toyota, and that came in 3 weeks later because Torparts didnt get back to me about shipping it until I hit them up 2 weeks after the initial order because they found Out the belt was discontinued at Toyota. I guess they drop ship and their site probably doesnt have a live inventory, but this wont deter me with future purchases because I’ve ordered all my other shit from them because of their oem goods and great pricing. I also went through like 3 sets of cam seals before I decided to pop the cam caps off they just kept driving in crooked and tearing. And advanced auto wasnt any help when I ordered the wrong crank seal 3 times so I was delayed for like a week in total but it wasnt that bad because its on my way to work it’s just frustrating as fuck.

In conclusion I still have to scrape my letters on my cover check timing one more time, torque down my pulleys and cam gears and hopefully the car will start. The 6mm spacers i slipped on didnt put the wheels exactly where I wanted them but I’ll also be lowering the car another inch in the rear so we’ll see. I probably wont be satisfied with the fit but whatever I’m trying to get to special stage east because I havent been to an event since my accident, and not because I didnt want to. My work schedule just didnt match the event schedules and I had family duties so I never got the chance to go. So this is really important to me because I get to geek out at all the visitors coming in from out of state and be star struck and probably anti-socially shy so if I see you at Final Bout aka Special Stage come help me out and say whaatup! Because I’m just trying to make it there lol

works sucks

I think that somewhere around my 20’s I realized that giving fucks wasn’t for me, and I wouldn’t say I developed an attitude, but more of a better understanding of myself. Where that hasn’t paid off is my interview ability. I just had feedback given back to me about a position that I applied for. For the most part it was good. I think dude has a thing against me from what another supervisor perceived of me because of my opinions. But either way I just think that my goals and perceptions of a “good job” don’t match up with what companies want these days.  My ability to analyze data and mechanical aptitude require me to be proud of the things I accomplish. I mean if I had a choice, I’d chase happiness and excitement to go to work, vs amazing pay. But sadly I have to chase money because I’m unhappy with my job and I have to do these things to provide for my family. oh the woes. So from today on what I’m going to work on is speaking in a more positive manner, and trying to keep my face either smiling or monotone because I probably do wear my emotions on my face, especially in regards to things that people say. So either suspicious, laughing, or questioning facial expressions should probably be shunned out of my professional interviewing facial options. But fuck man I can’t fuckin fix my face, this place doesn’t pay me enough.

p.s. I bought an AE86